Learning Platform: how does it work?

  • We are presenting a selection of videos, lectures and reading material that are mostly available in the public domain. The detailed aspects of FAIR  (framework, strategic, tactical and operational aspects)  are based on the end report of FAIR project.
  • At the end of each topic there is an evaluation section, where you have to answer five question upon completion of each section.
  • You pas the quiz if you have answered three or more questions correctly. You will also learn during the assessment as the correct answer and the explanation for the answer will appear even if you choose the wrong answer.  Your will have to answer seven set of Quizzes  to get the course completion certificate.
  • Hope by end of this online module you have a good understanding about all the basic aspects of FAIR process. You are expected to answer the questions at end of every section and score above six in order to complete this online course and earn your  certificate. Note that you will not get any ECTS or equivalent credits for completing this course.